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Marion Bernard Architectes

Sunday 26 July 2020

We met Manon Gaillet and Sylvain Bérard, the duo of architects who knew how to transpose the soul of Sessùn in an old soap factory in Marseille of the rue Sainte.

      We are two partners, Sylvain and myself, accompanied by 2 collaborators: Fanny Camerlo - architect - and Romain Magail - visual artist. One or two people are added to us depending on the workload. Recently David Bavard joined us, we really like our team and the working atmosphere.
      How did the meeting with Emma happen?
      Emma asked us to present our work to her. We got along well: common references, an attraction for the Mediterranean, the work on the subject, the research we are doing with our artisans. We drew a sketch for the Sessùn Alma project, she liked it very much and we moved forward together.
      What was the initial order for this concept store?
      A place to live, to discover, a multipurpose place: a shop, a dining area. The starting point was to respond to Sessùn’s desire to highlight the collaborations they undertake as well as their decorative range. A place that can adapt to their evolution.
      How was this project conceived?
      We proposed to empty the space of what composed it. Find an empty space, generous, appropriable. We also wanted to bring backlight, but we don’t like artificial. So we thought to draw this large glass roof, opalescent, which suggests that there is a backyard. The canopy is for us a device, it filters what is usually hidden. It serves here as a support to stage the background. The ground, clay colour refers to an Andalusian courtyard. Staff elements, stone and concrete at the Mediterranean. The large masonry steps serve as steps forward, to gain depth but also serve a spontaneous display, Latin, where you can sit down to leaf through a book.
      Can you share your creative process with us on this type of project?
      Every space has a potential. We try to reveal it and it’s won when people feel good about it. We are keen on surprise, experience and sharing.
      A little site anecdote?
      One morning while the staff pulled out their hair to make the large library, we came to project on the wall the elevation of the staff storage without warning... they began to redraw on the projection, they made changes in situ there was a very good working atmosphere.
      What is your next project?
      We are currently working on a cultural center of 2500 m2, an artist residence, exhibition, restoration, in the 15th between Bougainville and Les Crottes on the new territory of Euromed 2.

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      Crédits photos : 

      Photographie escaliers © Igo Studio

      Photographies des vues de Sessùn Alma © Nobuyoshi Takagi

      Portrait © Florian Touzet

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