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Alma ... the soul ...

The soul of a place, a city, a sea that crosses all borders. The soul of objects, of the hands that shape them, of the bodies and clothing that give them form. Sessùn Alma, the soul of Sessùn transposed into a selection of artisans, artists, limited editions and sunny cuisine.

It all started with an aim to push back borders, open up fields of possibilities and spark encounters. Backed by the desire to create a generous, warm and multi faceted space.

A place that would be the theatre of encounters, heartbeats, statements; a place of art and culture, creative flourishing, an ode to craftsmanship and know-how. But also a living space where people can grab a bite to eat, meet up and take the time to read or talk while enjoying a coffee.

A temple with deep roots that would interweave all of the identity-defining elements of an attentive, passionate and sincere brand for whom beauty only has meaning when it is shared.

The final choice was a former soap-making factory on rue Sainte, just steps away from the Old Port of Marseille. Over 170 square metres transformed by the brilliant Marseille architect duo Marion Bernard.

Behind the mahogany door, classified as a historical monument, a cafeteria-style café seats 24 guests and offers simple, local and seasonal cuisine. Feminine, sensitive and flavourful cuisine, in line with Sessùn itself.

Then, the ceiling rises to reveal a space where time seems suspended. At the foot of the glass partition, a short flight of steps provides a cosy spot to daydream
or read.

Works by passionate independent publishers, textile collections, ceramics by Paola Paronetto and Judith Lasry, objects by Anne Carnevale and Virginia Sin, lamps by Marta Bonilla and a selection of natural cosmetics compose a precise and fine-tuned array that includes limited editions and one-of-a-kind pieces.

All the signs of a free, independent and vibrant soul, a saffron-coloured soul steeped in sunlight, a soul with unrestricted femininity and a wide-open mind.


Featuring everyday objects or something more unusual, the selection of artisans' work at Sessùn Alma is sophisticated but accessible; combining works from all over the world as well as local pieces. It's a genuine showcasing of passionate craftspeople and emerging talents.

Tom & Folks

Suzie carefully shapes each piece by hand on her lathe using different types of stoneware such as speckled, red, black or cream stoneware – and making her own glazes.

Marion Graux

Humble and elegant, Marion Graux's tableware seeks to express what is essential and to create emotion.

Léa Bigot

Léa Bigot approaches sculpture as a medium for creating forms for the home, that adapt to fit the space of everyday life.

Mano Mani

From Biarritz, Julie Boucherat creates a series of small ceramics in chamotte stoneware, inspired by ancient amphoras and with an intentional twist in the form of a set of baroque handles.


The formal vocabulary of Simoneloo is inspired by Mexican modelling techniques that have been passed down for generations.

Grès Céramique

Grès Céramique is a collection of ceramic lamps that are made in France. This work is driven by instinct, using a primitive material, building a relationship with this utilitarian object, for an affective dimension with light.

Léa Laborie

With a degree in carpentry, Léa Laborie makes her everyday objects from wood scraps to combat waste.

Emmanuelle Roule

On the cusp between craftsmanship and contemporary art, his raw-looking objects showcase the technique of clay modelling and Japanese raku.

Camille Chaleil

Camille Chaleil's collections are created using a mixture of clay ranging from white to red with gradations of colour and textures that recall the warmth of the Mediterranean.

Clara Infante

Passionate about colour and plant-based dyes, Clara Infante creates sculptural wax creations from natural pigments.

Marta Bonilla

She creates elegant everyday pieces - earthenware jars and jugs - inspired by the 1940s and 50s.

Lola Moreau

Lola Moreau creates her recycled clay pieces by stamping and modelling, producing worked enamels whose infinite variations make each piece unique


Under her pseudonym "asterisque", Estefania shapes her ceramics like fragments from another world, composed of unreal colours and textures to discover.

Judith Lasry

She creates sensitive and highly poetic ceramics that are always on the cusp between functionality and sculpture.

Benjamin Fely

Trained as a cabinetmaker, Benjamin Fely designs objects that have a simple, fundamental and instinctive design, in natural materials, full of detail.

Léontine Furcy

The ceramic artist Léontine Furcy creates unique and instinctive sculptures inspired by the material itself and the constant search for a free form.

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Sessùn Alma is featuring on our site for the festive season!
A chance to discover unique handcrafted creations, objects designed by inspiring artists and fascinating reading material...from home!


Designed as a canteen, this space accommodates 24 covers with simple, local and seasonal cuisine.

It is sensible, delicious food like your mum makes, and just like Sessùn too.

Light snack available during the boutique's opening hours. Dinner service from Tuesday to Friday from 12 midday to 2 p.m. Saturdays from 12 midday to 2:30 p.m.

Reservation advised : 04 81 92 25 67


Find all the news of Sessùn Alma on Instagram: map, schedules, new collections... without forgetting the events and workshops to come.

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The Sessùn spirit has been translated into a selection of artisans and artists,

into limited series and sunkissed food.

127 rue Sainte 13007 Marseille
Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 AM to 7:00 PM.