Alma ... the soul ...

The soul of a place, a city, a sea that crosses borders.

The soulful quality of objects, of the hands that shape them, of the bodies and clothes that define them.

Sessùn Alma, the soul of Sessùn expressed in a selection of craftsmen, artists, limited editions and sun-kissed cuisine.

It started with a strong desire to transcend boundaries, expand horizons and spark new encounters. Seconded by the wish to create a warm, generous and multi-faceted space.

A place where people could meet, share their thoughts and speak out; a place for culture and the arts, where creativity can flourish, an ode to craftsmanship and know-how. As well as a place where you can have lunch, meet up with friends, take the time to read or chat over a cup of coffee.

Our heart got set on a former soap factory in rue Sainte, a stone's throw from Marseille's Old Port. The metamorphosis of this 170 m2 space was entrusted to the brilliant Marseille architectural duo Marion Bernard.

Behind the listed mahogany door, a canteen-style dining area seats 24, serving simple, local, seasonal cuisine. A feminine, refined and tasty cuisine, in keeping with Sessùn.

Then the ceiling rises, revealing a space where time seems suspended. At the base of the glass roof, a flight of steps offers a quiet shelter for daydreaming and reading.

Books by independent and passionate publishers, textile collections, ceramics by Emmanuelle Roule or Guylène Galantine, objects by Atelier 365 or Capucine Guhur, lamps revisited by Sarah Espeute, Lena Morelli or Annabelle Jouot, and a selection of natural cosmetics make up a special, high-quality palette of limited editions and one-off works.

 These are the signs of a free, independent and vibrant soul, a saffron-colored soul bursting with sunshine, a soul of unfettered femininity and a wide-open mind.


Featuring everyday objects or something more unusual, the selection of artisans' work at Sessùn Alma is sophisticated but accessible; combining works from all over the world as well as local pieces. It's a genuine showcasing of passionate craftspeople and emerging talents.

Emmanuelle Roule

On the cusp between craftsmanship and contemporary art, his raw-looking objects showcase the technique of clay modelling and Japanese raku

Mano Mani

Sculptural and utilitarian ceramic pieces, collaborations with artisans, curation of exhibitions... Many different projects are part of the MANO MANI label founded by Julie Boucherat in 2019 in the heart of the Basque Country.

Léa Bigot

Each of Sarah Espeute's pieces is a quiet work of art, telling a story, a daily life, a family memory, a sensitive work of art that touches everyone's heart.


Under her artist name "asterisque", Estefania shapes her ceramics like fragments from another world, made of surreal colors and textures to be discovered.

Guylène Galantine

Guylène Galantine has always had a passion for objects. She believes that they represent a form of dream and beauty needed in an increasingly dematerialized world. Her Variations sur patte is a series of sculptural objects halfway between art and utility.

Tom & Folks

Suzie carefully shapes each piece by hand on her lathe using different types of stoneware such as speckled, red, black or cream stoneware – and making her own glazes.

Lisa Allegra

As somebody who loves clay and its many facets, Lisa Allegra chose to base her studio in Barcelona, where she experiments with the concepts of balance and contrast through her unique pieces.


Having travelled widely in Japan, Mexico and Morocco, Lou Thomas is passionate about traditional crafts and expertise.

Camille Chaleil

Camille Chaleil's collections are created using a mixture of clay ranging from white to red with gradations of colour and textures that recall the warmth of the Mediterranean.

Atelier 365

Laura Greindl, founder of Atelier 365 in Brussels, interior architect and furniture designer, offers wood-based creations with clean, sensitive lines.

Lena Morelli

Lena Morelli reinterprets traditional Danish rope work to weave seats, as well as lampshades for our Ezia lamp.

Franca Atelier

Franca, a ceramic duo based in Marseille, designs objects inspired by their artistry and mastery of materials.

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