craft prize 2023
first edition

For the past 25 years, Sessùn has been engaged in creating a subtle and singular women’s fashion.
Playing with volumes and materials, reinventing the classics and the codes of the masculine/feminine, Sessùn writes the story of a free-spirited and inspired woman.
Ever committed to a conscious approach based on quality and the promotion of know-how, Sessùn stands out for its close attention to detail, the preservation of strong values and the development of its universe into a true art of living. The latter, embodied by the Sessùn Alma boutique, also shines through the community of artists and craftsmen with whom Sessùn continues to grow.
Sessùn is distributed in over 400 points of sale in France and abroad, through its own boutiques, corners and multi-brands.
None of our stores are alike, they are designed as an echo of the pillars of the brand: respect for local heritage, love of know-how, and tribute to all crafts. Our latest store was opened in Barcelona in 2022.

In 2023, Sessùn is launching the 1st edition of the Sessùn Craft Prize, an international competition open to all students and young professionals aged under 35. A new way to prove our attachment to know-how, design and craftsmanship, as well as our desire to encourage and bring to light the new generation of creators.

craft prize 2023

Create a space designed to accommodate one or two people (maximum) and provide a circumstance in which they can isolate themselves in order to rest or work.
Intimate, protective and comfortable, this space must enable anyone to disconnect from the totally open shared workspace.

Designed in accordance and in the spirit of Sessùn’s warm and welcoming universe, the winning micro-architecture project will be produced in triplicate and installed in the attic, on the third floor of the company’s new offices, based in Marseille.

This contest stems from a concrete need to design the interior architecture of the open space. The technical feasibility of the project is therefore an essential factor in this, and the eco- responsible aspect of the project will be one of the selection criteria.

The overall production budget will be +/- 10 000€ for the 2 pieces. It would be greatly appreciated if the winning project was produced by a local artisan or company. In addition to the technical aspects, it will therefore also be important to think about the final cost of the object from the very beginning.

your submission

The contest is international and open to all students and young professionals under the age of 35. Group applications are accepted.
To enter the contest, please send, before May 7, 2023:

• A 3-page portfolio of previous projects, works or achievements. • A resume.
• A note of intent describing the project for the contest.
• 3 pages of sketches, illustrations, technical drawings, detailed description of materials used and production techniques to implement.