#2 Design unique craft-inspired stores

Sessùn was originally born of a passion for Latino-American crafts. Over the years, craftwork has inspired not only the brand’s collections, but also the layout and decoration of its stores. 

Today we are really proud to have stores that don’t look like other stores, and also don’t look like each other…  Each one is unique, combining crafts from across the world and promoting local cultural heritage. 

Each space follows a chosen design and tends to be part of the cultural heritage of the place where it is established. Former paper mill on rue Legendre in Paris, historic buildings in Lille, brick walls preserved in Toulouse or wooden facade in Lyon. To do so, Sessùn calls on renowned architects, accompanied by craftsmen, holders of an incomparable know-how.

Whether it is cabinetmakers such as the Atelier Jean-Brieuc in Angers, which has installed, among others, the shop on rue des Saints-Pères and our Coccon rue de Charonne in Paris (pictures), or skilled craftsmen such as Art Domus, who have created our «bubbles» in Cannes, from the last basketry in France that wove our cocoon on rue de Charonne or the furniture of our shops in Rennes and Strasbourg, or the glassblowers of CIAV in Meisenthal and the innovative Lucile Viaud and her marine glass, they are all actors in the creation of real architectural works.

From now on, we want to make sure that all our new stores are designed with this philosophy in mind and showcase the work of the craftspeople involved, whose talent and skills must be preserved for the future.

In addition, we no longer use any plastics in our stores. 

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