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Because nothing is more important than being able to develop our patterns ourselves, we have always operated our own in-house dressmaking shop. A team of 5 people work there permanently on prototyping, pattern making and the creation of our designs. We can thus make as many alterations as necessary to obtain the exact cut we are looking for, test the materials and refine the finishes.

This "made-to-measure" aspect allows us to develop our own garments with the greatest possible accuracy and quality, while perpetuating a textile tradition based on the expertise and meticulous approach adopted by professional seamsters/seamstresses.


What's your place in the workshop? I take care of the stitching, the realization, the prototypes and the fabrics tests.

How does a day in the workshop go? In the morning we look in the notebook what to do with all the models to be assembled, the fabric tests and if there are any corrections to be made.


What's your place in the workshop?

When I receive the prototypes or pre- production parts I unpack them, I check the assembly, the finishes and if everything is well respected.
Then I take measurements because each garment has its technical file and all our criteria must be respected.
If all goes well we validate them and if it is not the case I send the comments to the manufacturer.
And, sometimes we even try out models with Emma.
My role is really to monitor and control the products. I have a reputation for being very strict. And, I don't like flaws. (laughs).
I have to be rigorous and demanding as a quality control manager!


What's your place in the workshop? I occupy the same position as Mamadou. I work in sewing in collaboration with the two model makers, Corine and Sarah.

What was your journey before arriving at Sessùn? I used to work for another brand that was forced to close. It was a lingerie brand I stayed in for about ten years.

What's your best memory in Sessùn? I've known Emma since the beginning. Ten years ago when I came back from vacation I found out I was fired and at that time I contacted Emma again. The best part is that after so many she remembered me. She set up a meeting with me, and that's when it happened. It's a beautiful story and one of my best memories at Sessùn.


What's your place in the workshop? I'm a pattern maker which means that I take care of the patterns and drawings, it depends on the days!
For the patronage, we make the prototype and once the collections are validated we take care of the production.


What's your role in the studio? I'm an assistant pattern maker, the style team gives me the drawings of the models to be made and I do the patronage. Once the pattern has been created, Marie or Mamadou assembles it with the fabric.

I have the pattern tried on and if there are any corrections I make the changes. If not, I prepare the pattern to go into production, then I follow up until the model is checked by Natacha.

All this under the supervision of Corinne. 

Which garment do you prefer to work on? I like to work on pants, but I also have a little weakness for shirts! 

If you had to describe Sessùn in 3 words? Sunny, friendly and welcoming. We feel good and we want to come to work.

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