Sessùn Oui 2022

Sessùn Oui - the Sessùn wedding collection.

Accentuating lines and fabric by creating a dialogue between shadow and light, revealing curves by playing on the transparency and opacity of the fabrics: an organic vision of beauty and a lifetime of inspiration.

Sessùn Oui is a tender poem, a seduction that's suggestive without revealing, the whisper of a décolleté that leaves you guessing, the rustle of a pleat that grazes, the shiver of a bare back that's unveiled, the charm of an exceptional drape, the innovation of an infinite palette of whites, the magic in a meeting of materials.

Sessùn Oui, a collection for saying yes to love forever.

Lila Cardona photographed by Denis Boulze in Jacques Couelle's Villa Goupil.


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