Fall Winter 2020 Edito

New day

Hit the road, look ahead and, bolstered by the past, weave the fabric of our tomorrows.
Explore the west and escape to a city to discover its music and art, which free the body and mind.
Unique and authentic, rely on our trustworthy taste and skill at shapes, all subtly balanced.

Master a motif from the Amish art of textile, use it as a patch, an ornament, adorning your bags, sweatshirts or shirts with a theme.
Borrow exquisite handmade details from work clothing and craftsmanship: the roundness of a buckle, the refinement of a button, prints like landscapes and leather bias trims.

Slip a short dress under a loose cape, overalls over a delicate blouse, a midi skirt over ankle boots. Define your waist with men’s trousers cinched with a belt or a leather mini skirt under a big polo neck jumper. Make jacquard flirt with lace and velvet with prints. Play with lines and forms. Embrace intertwining rhymes.

Interlace inspirations, all linked with the vision of a free, determined and independent woman. A woman in touch with her true self, ignoring norms and following only her open, creative and sensitive mind. A woman for whom life is a journey strewn with encounters that make us dazzle.

Maria Miguel photographed by Chloé Le Drezen, under the artistic direction of Lolita Jacobs and Jean-Baptiste Talbourdet Napoleone.

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