Charonne, our cocoon

Monday 13 May 2019

A cocoon, like a nest, a jewellery box, a reassuring place, intimate, round edges and an enclosed space…  

The boutique on rue de Charonne is the first to be opened by Sessùn, it is here that we have built our first connections, met our first customers, took our first leaps.

It was then enhanced by an additional space, dedicated to the presentation of the works and creations of artists who inspired us, made us question ourselves, sometimes upsetting ourselves and always reflecting our own journey. That of research, attention to detail, respect, consistency, know-how. 

When Emma first described her idea to architect Aurélie Rimbert, she spoke of a cabin, a shaman’s hut, a symbolic place of both returning and opening yourself up to the world. A round, lively, organic place, obviously built with natural materials.

The theme was centered around vernacular habitats, igloo, wigwam, teepee, yurt, and the link they create between man and his environment.

Wood, reeds, leather, the cocoon speaks the same language.

The structure was designed by the Atelier Jean-Brieuc. A skeleton of several hundred pieces of beech cut and arranged like a puzzle, with pieces that interlock, others more durable for hinges, all pointing to the top. Prepared and put together in Angers, the different arches were assembled at the place itself to facilitate their transport and set up.

A full-size replica was designed to allow the braiding to be completed by the Villaines basketry cooperative. The last in France, possessing incomparable expertise.

Associated with the in situ structure, rattan weaves were enriched with wicker patches, to structure the space and mark the entrance. Work done entirely by hand, demanding hours of labour concentrating and handling the material.

Maadans build real reed and dried earth buildings. These are mudhives, the “houses of friends”, designed to offer hospitality to passing guests and entertain. Like the People of the Reeds, we thought of the cocoon as a place for gatherings and friendships to welcome collaborations, these collections born out of our meetings with creators who we hold dear.

The rails, directly integrated into the structure, are connected to the interior and merge with the leather seats. Inspired by the pommel horse, or saddle deposited by the rider after a long day riding across the plains, they follow the curves of the frame, moulding to better accommodate people and invite them to sit down. Their material maintains strong links with the woods, summoning together the animal and plant world, mounting the symbols under which the ritual will be placed…

In addition to the collaborations, the cocoon is filled with accessories and shoes and to the experience of trying them on. A contemporary dressing table with designed shapes, on which hangs the spirit of Brancusi... Headbands, basins filled with belts, necks with necklaces or wrists with bracelets. All are made from wood; drawn, modeled, smoothed and polished to let what they exhibit shine.

Shoulder bags are attached to the wall, with round edges, outcrops carved into the red ocher wall.

The furniture is also curved so that it slips into the background, adds to it yet does not impose its presence.

The cocoon is a velvety sheath made to present what is doomed to change, evolve, tap into the environment to build. It is the setting of metamorphosis, which welcomes and allows innovation to hatch.

Our cocoon is the nest of our wishes for the world to come, something beautiful, sweet, circular. A reassuring space conceived and carried out by the expert hands of those who dedicate their lives to refine their surroundings. A benevolent space where the creations of those who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of what is beautiful, good and true good are showcased. Who will be open to the full awareness of their being and the role they have to play.

A space of modern magic, where the infinite gratitude for those who preceded us and the immeasurable respect addressed to those who will follow, and what we wish to leave them. A universe of choice, tenderness and commitment.

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