• What are the conditions to benefit from the offer?

    For purchases valued between €30 and €2,000, you have the option of paying in 4 interest-free instalments, subject to approval by PayPal.

    This payment option is exclusively available to private customers residing in France, the UK, Italy or Spain, and having a PayPal account registered in their respective country of residence.

    To use this option, when you reach the payment methods step, choose PayPal and then select “4 X PayPal”."

  • How do the monthly instalments work?

    An initial payment of 25% is taken on the day of the transaction, and 3 subsequent repayments are automatically taken each month.

    To track your monthly payments, please consult your PayPal account directly.

  • I would like to return a purchase, what happens to my monthly payments?

    If you return your purchase in full, you will receive a refund corresponding to the down payment only, and the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th instalments will be cancelled, and thus will not be charged.

    In the event you return only part of your purchase, PayPal will reduce any remaining payments due by an amount corresponding to the refund for the returned item(s), and where applicable, refund sums already taken.

    To track your payments and refunds, please consult your PayPal account directly.