Beautiful People

Victoria Lafaurie

Wednesday 6 November

We met Victoria Lafaurie in her Parisian apartment to discover who is hiding behind this multi-talented artist.

Who are you? Can you tell us more about you?
I was born in 90 in Paris. I was rocked on the sets or in the editing rooms. My father is a director, the women on my mother's side have been movie editors for generations, my mother's uncle is Roger Vadim. But as a little girl, my thing was more about drawing. I studied 3 years at the Decorative Arts of Strasbourg and a year at the Beaux-Arts in Paris. At that time I started shooting everything, all the time with my Iphone or small mini DV cameras.
One day, an AD from Hermès spotted my little video montages of moments from the Parisian daily life or my musician friends (Papooz) that I was posting on Instagram and ordered me a little film for the "Carrés H". That's how I started making ads, clips. I never stopped drawing as I use it to make storyboards for my films. I also take care of the Papooz group's artwork as well as artwork orders from time to time.
A few years ago I met Polo & Pan on a beach in the south of France with my friend Marguerite B (creator of the brand g.kero).We started by recording songs together, then singing on stage with them. Today she has a baby and is no longer in the group but I continue to sing with them.
I am multi-task: I simply can't do just one thing. One material feeds another. But it's quite common among girl artists of this generation, I think. We want to prove not only our power, but OUR superpowers, right? But it's not always easy, sometimes you get lost.
You are a multifaceted artist, where do you get this creative energy and your inspirations?
At the moment, in the films of Maurice Pialat, Wong Kar Wai, the collages of Matisse, "Le Déclic" of Manara, the instagram account @equatorjournal, the voice of Billie Holiday... For ever, in people' conversations, in my friends' conversations, in their love stories, in my love stories, in my love songs, in my love books.
What is your next adventure ?
I go on tour with Polo & Pan for 3 weeks in November on the Tour Bus in the USA. I have an order of illustrations for The Sarah Lavoine House and I'm writing a short film with my friend Hector Albouker for our beloved muse Lou Lampros, which we hope to shoot in the spring.
What does your typical day look like?
My day are always different, I always work in different places. My worst nightmare is "the endless day".The only thing I love to find every day is the kisses of my lover.
Your best trip was where and when?
A month in Cambodia when I was 20 years old. The kind of unforgettable journey where you arrive in the middle of the moon ceremony, you discover mores that are the opposite of your own, everything seems more poetic, more precious, more humble, more spiritual, more powerful than at home. I came back quite shaken up.
What is your relationship to fashion ?
I'm pretty classic. I almost always dress the same way. White t-shirt, 501 levis, converse, jeans jacket, straw or banana bag with a big luxury brand in gold on it. My only eccentricities are on stage with P&P I wear 80's jerseys and silk kimonos with slightly daring patterns.
What does Sessùn inspire you?
A woman who feels good about herself, who loves nature, the smell of the soil, a little masculine but delightfully pretty.
Your favorite piece of the FW collection?
Ludd black boots! I deceived my converse with it, I put it on every day. The shape at the front between round and square is exactly what I like, and very difficult to find.
Thank you Victoria!
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