Paul Demarquet

Wednesday 18 December 2019

Paul Demarquet sculpts and models wood, magnifying its shapes and poetizing its details. A luminous, organic and sensitive approach, transposed into the custom-made furniture created for Sessùn Alma.

Who are you? Can you tell us about your background?
I am Paul Demarquet, woodworker - sculptor. I looked for myself a few years and at 25 I went to Brazil with the idea of settling there. I started making lamps and finally came back 3 months later to do a CAP in the evening-class at the Boulle school. It took me two years and then I started my own business. First within Atelier Sauvage, then with my own workshop.
What made you feel like working with wood?
When I made my first lamps, I spent afternoons sanding pallets by hand. It is the fact of seeing the material transform immediately under my fingers, of seeing the grain appear and the wood become beautiful and soft. I felt a very strong visual and tactile pleasure and I immediately said to myself "I can do this all my life".
A project that particularly impressed you?
The manufacture of a set of 7m long children's beds. A project we called Jungle Beds because we were inspired by Asian bamboo houses. We only worked with round sections that we came to sculpt to give a to the whole thing a natural look.
What can inspire you?
It is nature that inspires me a lot, in the sense that it makes me sensitive to the things around me. Then I have a fascination for the Mediterranean as a whole. I fantasize completely about the Mediterranean way of life, especially during the Ancient Age. I build myself an imaginary world inspired by these phantasms and I try to imagine objects that are part of it, like this blue vase.
Sessùn Alma
What did you like about the Sessùn Alma project?
The global universe. Sessùn is a brand I have a good image of and the project proposed by the Marion Bernard agency spoke to me right away. I found myself there, especially on the Mediterranean side! For me, making a series of solid wood tables and chairs is a great project.
Were there any particular challenges?
The major challenge was to be able to translate the universe as thought, to make furniture that was both warm and modern. The design of the table is very simple, which gives it a timeless look, and the tinted finish adds soul.
The piece of furniture you enjoyed most making?
I find the large tables particularly beautiful.
Paul Demarquet pour Sessùn
Your favorite song to dance to?
Right now, Melody from Plustwo.
Your favorite song to chill on?
At the moment, Francoise Guimbert's Tantine Zaza.
Your last artistic crush?
The lights of Jérôme Perreira, a sculptor from Marseille who is very talented.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
On the Valensole plateau where I would have built my workshop.
The best 20 euros you ever spent?
A straight ripper from Lidl, we can do incredible things with this machine!
Thank you Paul!

To discover Paul's other works, you can visit his website or go to his instagram.

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