Beautiful People

Léa Augereau

Tuesday 15 October

Léa Augereau opens her colorful universe, nourished by multiple inspirations, from the design to fashion and Italian cinema.

Lea Augereau for Sessùn
Who are you ?
I am 28 years old I am from La Rochelle, I live in Paris for 6 years now and I am a painter.
Tell us about your creations and your work!
I started out with a training in modeling, dressmaking. After several years working in workshops, I created my own models that I started painting for my book. Then I continued to paint.
Where do you get your inspiration?
Fashion and fashion history have fascinated me throughout my adolescence, I think it is very much felt on my paintings, the geometry of model making is also very present. And more directly, I would say that the emotions around me give me the impetus and inspiration.
Lea Augereau for Sessùn
Lea Augereau for Sessùn
The taste or smell that brings back the most memories (your Proust’s Madeleine)?
I have a great olfactory memory, there is not a day that goes by without a smell reminding me of a memory or a memory reminding me of a smell, but the one that gives me a feeling of happiness every time is the orange blossom, yet it is not attached to a precise memory.
What is your relation to fashion?
I love the clothing, the fabrics, the know-how that surrounds all this. Fashion itself tends to tire me out, there are a lot of things that seem to be nonsense to me in this industry— Nevertheless I keep a lot of love and excitement in front of beautiful clothes, a beautiful fashion show, a beautiful collection.
How can you describe Sessùn in 3 words.
I would say simplicity, refinement and natural.
Lea Augereau for Sessùn
Lea Augereau for Sessùn
What’s your typical day like?
Not very healthy, but it starts with one (rather three) coffee and the same number of cigarettes! Most of the time, before I go to bed, it’s time to clean my brushes and put away my paint tubes!
Lea Augereau for Sessùn
Lea Augereau for Sessùn
Your last artistic crush?
Charlotte Perriand’s work, I often met her designs without knowing who created them!
Your favorite song to dance to ?
It changes often! But in recent weeks, it’s Dumebi - Rema
The best 20 euros you ever spent?
The ones I used to buy my first canvas I’d say!

To follow Léa’s work, go to her instagram

Lea Augereau for Sessùn
Lea Augereau for Sessùn
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