our vision

our vision

Corporate Social Responsibility refers to all actions and measures voluntarily implemented by a company to minimize and enhance the footprint created by its activity.

At Sessùn, it is part of a philosophy of sustainable development and global awareness, which is built on three pillars of equal importance.

economics and ethics
economics & ethics

This is our core, our foundation...that of a fair, humane and involved brand for which every choice is made in the awareness of its consequences and impact, not only on our business but on all its stakeholders.

By claiming to build long-term relationships with our suppliers and service providers, we opt for exchanges based on trust that go beyond mere commercial agreements and are based on the notion of partnership. In this way, we maintain conditions of economic stability that are conducive to the development and sustainability of activities, while allowing the preservation of smaller structures, such as family businesses or craftsmen.

It is also for this reason that we have always kept our headquarters in Marseille, a little for the sun - let's be honest! -and a lot for the desire to maintain rich regional business areas.

Our business policy is also built on the principle of coherence and fairness. Determined by the rhythm of our collections, it is intended to reflect the attention paid to the quality of our clothing and respect for your consumer choices. Our products have a value that stems from the raw materials and the human skills required to make them; their reception depends on the one you give them.

This is one of the reasons why we do not participate in Black Friday, so as not to encourage a punctual over-consumption that is uncorrelated to the reality of the products and needs.

In fact, we donate the entire pre-tax turnover of this day to an association working for the protection of mankind or nature.

You can discover our entire commercial policy right here.


Naturally turned towards the human, Sessùn sees itself as an actor in its own, with both duties and responsibilities. Towards our partners, these moral and human obligations are materialized by an Ethical Charter that we co-sign together and which commits our suppliers on elementary subjects of respect for human rights and the environment.

This year, we have also chosen to join the ICS (Initiative for Compliance and Sustainability, click here to learn more) with whom we work on subjects related to the conditions and well-being of workers and who offers us precise, respectful and progressive auditing tools.

This involvement extends to people in complex situations or with disabilities, with whom we work to produce some of our articles, through reintegration workshops or specialized structures.

At the same time, we have been donating for many years a part of our turnover to associations and NGOs such as Médecins sans Frontières, Planète Urgence or UNICEF. We are also proud to support the two annual solidarity fairs organized by AIDES and ARCAT, which fund AIDS research.

Beyond these fundamental precepts, we make it a point of honour to support creation and culture, through patronage, support and diffusion actions, notably through festivals such as the Yeah!, the Midi or Resonance. 

Nourished by a true love of craftsmanship and handmade, Sessùn has at heart to always privilege the artisanal over the industrial and to call upon small structures that possess precious know-how, master craftsmen or companies that perpetuate ancestral techniques, such Living Heritage Companies like the Choletaise and the Basketry of Villaines. This desire to preserve, enhance and promote craftsmanship is implemented in the design of our shops, each one unique, rich in history and part of the social and cultural heritage of the place where it is located. This spirit is embodied also at Sessùn Alma, which offers a selection of creations and limited editions of ceramists, sculptors and artists.


Each of our actions has an impact on the environment and we want it to be as small as possible. This can be seen in the choices we make in the use of materials within our collections, by deciding to opt as much as possible for those of organic origin, or labelled materials that guarantee a sustainable management of resources, or recycled materials that allow us to limit production and develop a reasoned approach to the consumption of materials.

Today, we have totally banned the use of Phthalates, Alkylphenols and Fluorcarbons in production processes, as well as sandblasting techniques in the washing of jeans.

In addition, all of our packaging is made from recycled materials and is itself recyclable, including plastics.

This can and must also include the pure and simple rejection of certain materials, particularly of animal origin, which run counter to our principles of respect and preservation. As such, Sessùn is committed to not using exotic leathers, angora, or fur in its collections, and has officially joined the Fur Free Retailer association. This is also why the feathers and down used are certified "non-live plucking" and all our merinos are guaranteed "no mulesing".

2020 also marks our transition to renewable energies! From now on, our stores as well as our head office and showroom will be supplied by the Enercoop cooperative, which, in addition to providing fully guaranteed green electricity, constantly drives and reinvests in the development of its sustainable energy production and supports local initiatives.

In general, we are working to favour transport by boat and land as much as possible over air transport, and to favour companies that develop alternatives using electric vehicles or bicycle delivery in urban areas.

In order to extend our convictions throughout our chain, we also take care to entrust our defective or irreparable items, as well as unsold ones from old collections to a company that recycle them into supply material for the automotive sector.

These three pillars are what carries us, what binds us and what drives us forward. We will never stop questioning our practices, because that is the very essence of Sessùn.

A will to always do better, to go further, to remain sensitive to what is around us and to breathe Love into each of our actions.

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