For a few years now we have seen an evolution in commercial calendars:

promotions are more and more frequent, without any commercial logic and it is no longer clear what to rely on or at what price to buy... In the name of clarity and respect for our customers, we wish to have complete transparency on our commercial policy and explain precisely how and on what basis Sessùn's commercial calendar is defined.

 In this global context of repeated sales and promotional operations, we are gradually losing the true notion of collection and creation. Initially, the sales are intended to sell less sold products so as not to keep unused stocks of merchandise. Over time, these have become an end in itself and for many a way to charge higher rates to compensate for increased activity during periods of discount promotions.This is not our choice!

 At Sessùn, our products are produced in reasoned quantities, it is our manner of preserving you a privileged access and not to multiply promotional offers that would depreciate their true value. Our collections are designed and conceived with a deep attachment to the quality and work of the material and we apply prices in line with this level of requirements.

What products are we discounting and why are we discounting them?

Each season, Sessùn offers new products through a collection that tells a story, inspired by artistic and human encounters. In these responding creations, some immediately win your heart, others do not have this chance. It is the latter that will be discounted, more or less according to their success. However, other products will never be, they are our iconic, timeless products, renewed from season to season.

 How do our promotional offers work and to whom are they accessible?

 At Sessùn, each season is composed in two stages. A first small "pre-collection" with pieces adapted to the mid-season (delivery in January for Spring and May for our Fall collection), then the main collection itself which arrives a few months later (between January and March for the Summer collection and July and September for the Winter collection).

Every 6 months, we offer our "Happy Days" which cover a selection of articles from the pre-collections. This event is open to all and takes place in November for the Fall collection and in May for the Spring collection.

 A few days before the official sales date, we open our "Private Sales" to our customers on a selection of items from the current collections. To access these sales, you must be registered in our files and have a customer account in advance. In stores, your name allows you to be in our software and thus have access to discounts. On the website, customers registered in the file receive an email a few days before with their personal access link. These Private Sales are designed to reward the loyalty of our customers by giving them early access to the sales (shops or e-shop). The sales are then open to all, according to the legal calendar applicable in each region.

What about "Black Friday"?

Originating in American and Canadian culture, Black Friday has been a fixture on our calendars for the past decade.

It represents a way of consuming to which we do not wish to adhere. By offering large discounts on such a one-off basis, the true value of the products is lost and results in over-consumption, often unthinking and driven by what is temporary. We are not taking part and instead want to use this day to interact with our customers on important issues that are close to our hearts. After The Ocean Cleanup and La Fondation de la Mer, we are supporting the Maison des Femmes and their wonderful work. We are particularly pleased with the opening of a branch in Marseille, the city where our head office has always been located, and it is to support its development and its mission to help and support all women in need that we are happily donating all of our profits for the day.

What do we do with our unsold goods?

If the sales are not enough to completely sell the references remaining in stock, it can also happen that we offer unsold items from previous collections at preferential prices during private sales on specialized platforms. Items with major defects or whose use is made impossible are processed by a partner company for recycling and use in furniture or automotive applications.

This desire to clarify our commercial policy is in line with our commitment to a more responsible fashion, based on structured collections, at fair and thoughtful prices. It is also a way for us to express our gratitude for the trust you have placed in us and the loyalty you have shown us over the years.