Beautiful People

Pauline Vincent

Sunday 2 December

Pauline Vincent nous a reçu chez Á Rebours, petit magasin de nouveautés en relation avec Lafayette Anticipations, dont elle est la directrice et curatrice.

Elle nous parle de ce projet, de son travail mais aussi de son lien avec Sessùn.

Photos : Clément Jolin

Who are you ?
My name is Pauline Vincent and I’m 30 years old. I’ve been passionate about all forms of creativity ever since my childhood. I have always dug around, searched, hunted for objects, little things, clothes, beautiful simple things that embellish everyday life. That's what led me to do the job I do now. I’m the curator and director of the shop A Rebours, which is part of the Galeries Lafayette contemporary art foundation.
Tell us about how you got to where you are now ?
I grew up in Paris, where I studied fashion at the Institut Français de la Mode (French Fashion Institute) after doing a degree at business school. When I was a student, I travelled a lot and lived in Shanghai and Montreal, before joining the Galeries Lafayette group as a buyer for Women's Fashion. I loved that job; it taught me so much.
Tell us a bit more about A Rebours ?
It’s like a new type of museum shop, halfway between a concept store and an art gallery. All the objects for sale are part of a limited series. There are also art books, and quite a few rare books on fashion. Basically, things you won't find anywhere else.
How do you choose the objects ?
I rely on the artistic direction of the Foundation. I meet the artists, and I also work with the Fashion Director of Galeries Lafayette to find young designers who are not yet established enough to be sold in our flagship Paris store on Boulevard Haussmann.
What art forms or artists inspire you ?
I like whatever pushes boundaries, whatever goes against convention. I love the avant-garde. For example, the artist Mary Ping and her label Slow and Steady Wins the Race, the furniture designer Jerszy Seymour, the jewellery designer Stephanie d’Heygere's, the work of Bryjanr Sigyradasson and Veronika, and the conceptual objects of Bless. Some of these designers are available at À Rebours.
Do you have a fetish object that goes with you everywhere ?
Yes I do, it’s the ring my boyfriend gave me, a vintage Buccellati in the shape of a crown, which he got at Collector Square.
A place you like to hang out ?
Near my flat, on the banks of the Seine, especially in now in the autumn as the colours are so beautiful; the yellow and orange leaves contrast with the Seine.
What is your style ?
My style doesn’t really follow fashion trends. I suppose there’s a 60's and 70's spirit there with a modern twist. It’s quite bold.
When did you first come across Sessùn ?
The first time I came across Sessùn was when I was 18. Sessùn opened an outlet at Le Bon Marche department store, where I used to spend all my time. Then at Galeries Lafayette when I was a buyer. I fell in love with their collections and the incredible team of people who work for Sessùn. They’re amazing.
How would you describe Sessùn in a few words ?
It’s a genuine brand that inspires freedom, youth, simplicity and authenticity. The Sessùn girl likes to laugh, dance, and sing. It's Marseille, it's the sea, it's joie-de-vivre !
Your favourite piece of clothing or accessory from the Winter 2018 collection ?
The beautiful James wool coat in tartan.
A scene from a film that makes you cry ?
The scene in Bambi, when his mother dies. I was 4 years old, I’ve never got over it.
A track that makes you dance ?
No scrubs by TLC !
Thank you Pauline !
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