Beautiful People

Gaia Weiss

Monday 24 June

Meeting with the actress Gaia Weiss, who trained at Cours Florent. She talks about herself in the sweetness of a Parisian garden.

Photographs : Nastassia Brückin

Gaia Weiss en Sessùn
Gaia Weiss en Sessùn
Who are you?
Good question, and one that I also ask myself!
When and how did you realise you wanted to be an actor?
My love for the stage started when I was very young and learning classic dance, and has never left me. I love the adrenalin rush before going on stage, getting right into character, forgetting myself so that I can tell a story from another's point of view, and the feeling of liberty that each performance brings.
What's happening for you at the moment?
Season 3 of "The Medicis" is coming out in October, in which I play Ippolita Sforza; I'm in the Russell Owen film "Shepherd"; and I'm appearing in "Judy" with Renée Zellweger. I'm currently filming the new Netflix series "Revolution".
Do you have a "cult film"?
True Romance by Tony Scott.
What scene from a film has most made you cry?
I very often cry when I watch a film.
Gaia Weiss en Sessùn
What's the first thing you do when you wake up?
I write down my dreams.
And the last thing before going to bed?
I say goodnight to my beloved, wherever he might be in the world.
With whom in the world would you most like to dine (famous or not)?
António Guterres.
What's your relationship with the fashion world?
For me, fashion should bring out the best of a person, enhance their natural beauty. I think it's important these days that a brand should operate in an ethical and responsible way.
What item of clothing best represents you?
A good cashmere jumper.
How did you hear about Sessùn? What do their clothes inspire in you?
I heard about the brand from a friend. Sessùn clothes inspire a sense of freedom, they combine comfort and style, everything I love.
Your favourite item from the SS19 collection?
Taking two different styles, I adore the Cocteau/Riviera striped suit for daytime, and the Himana dress in honey for the evening; it's so delicate.
What are the best 20 euros that you've ever spent?
To crowdfund the film that my friend Frankie Wallach wanted to make about her grandmother, an Auschwitz survivor. I can't wait to see this project get underway.
Thank you Gaia !
Gaia Weiss en Sessùn
Gaia Weiss en Sessùn

To discover Gaia's Instagram, it's over there !

Gaia is wearing the Man Ray jacket and the Eluard pants from SS19 collection.

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