Friday 6 January 2023


We opened our new London boutique in the artsy and vibrant Shoreditch district in November 2022.

For its design, we called upon the architectural duo of Jaune. They imagined a space where Sessùn style is juxtaposed with the codes of classic English decor.

The chequerboard floor, made from Provencal terracotta in graduated natural tones, is reminiscent of old English cottages. The wood, a major element of English style, consists of a patchwork of two contrasting shades in reference to the combinations of materials and colours so dear to Sessùn.

A very English substructure is distinguished by the modernity of its wave-shaped cut.

Racks and furniture, with their sculptural turned wood elements, pay tribute to the Tudor style.

To add vibrancy and to highlight important elements of the space, glazed terracotta in warm, sunny colours was used in the tiles and mouldings.

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