Saints-Pères, intérieur textile

Tuesday 23 October 2018

Conscious of its desire to be more than just a brand and instead of being a social stakeholder who commits in a meaningful and lasting way, Sessùn has spent the last few months reconsidering what guides it, the DNA of its clothes and collections as well as the development of its stores.

A far cry from the uniform approach of some other brands, Sessùn focuses on difference in the design phase of each of its new points of sale.

It is with this in mind that we have designed and created our new point of sale, located at 55 bis rue des Saints-Pères, in the Saint-Germain-des-Près district of Paris.

In an approach that is increasingly finely-honed and thorough, this new boutique is clearly a receptacle designed to showcase clothes, and has been created using materials selected with the greatest of care and with furniture that reflects the character of Sessùn.


Created following an intense and exciting meeting with architect, Aurélie Rimbert, the boutique, which opens its doors at the end of September 2018, is the result of the combined efforts of Emma and Aurélie.

A certain alchemy was quickly generated between the two of them – and it is an undeniable fact that Aurélie Rimbert likes to design furniture as if it were clothing.

Their main objective: to experience the atmosphere of the place and feel its soul on order to reflect on possible ways of developing it. 

As a second step, the idea was to employ local artisans, the spearheads of local craftsmanship, to give scale and depth to the store ensuring that it would be both an extension to and the characteristic of the land in which it is located.

Born in Angers, Jean Brieuc created unique pieces of furniture with a certain roundness and fullness to their form, which are very at home in the store and give it a particular identity.

More than just a colleague, he supported architect Aurélie Rimbert throughout the project, feeding into the processes with ideas and providing a different vision of the store.

Together, they allowed the fabric to meld with the structures of the place and the furniture to enhance the space with originality, to create a unique location of chance meetings, life and inspiration. 

The result is a very warm, organic concept with artisan-based added value which seeks to showcase skill and expertise in craft: natural fabrics, suspended tent canvases sewn with saddle stitch, support structures wrapped in ceramics and sail ropes - made by the French artisan Lancelin – in place of railings and hand rails and to embellish pillars.

Modern and with absolutely no trace of nostalgia, the atmosphere in this new boutique is both soft in terms of its colour range (powder pink, mottle grey) and wildly contemporary.

By combining artisan touches in a way that brings the far-away a little closer to home with very modern simplicity, Sessùn continues, step by step, to write its own story.

The story of a brand that never forgets its fundamental values: paying attention to its duty of remembrance to artisan craftsmanship and to continue to uphold different popular cultures in a manner that supports sustainable and responsible development. 

Boutique Sessùn Saints-Pères
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