Thursday 21 January 2021

In Spanish, falling in love is “enamorarse”: less falling in love than diving in and holding on to love... and this is exactly how we wanted our new Madrid boutique to feel. It has been designed around Sessùn’s deeply held values, so the boutique will showcase not only the Sessùn and Sessùn Oui textile collections, but also a selection of independent artists, artisans and designers.

This was the natural outcome of the deep and lasting bond between Sessùn and Spain, which was our first ever export destination. When we visited Madrid, we instantly fell in love with one neighbourhood in particular. Away from the big shopping streets, locals hustle and bustle among myriad art galleries and independent clothes shops - Malasaña is a distinctly bohemian place to live, far from the beaten path.

Wandering around the neighbourhood, we then fell head over heels for a location delicately positioned between a florist, a yoga studio and a number of wonderful little restaurants. This 200m² space still retains all of its memory and identity. Its soul and its history are reflected through the granite wainscoting, the wood floors and the typical Madrid pillars, around which the rest of the space has been designed. 

Next, we found our ideal creative studio for our ethos, our style and our products. Located between Cobalto Studio and Sessùn, this combines two of our great loves: the Mediterranean Sea and independent creators. The way that Gabriel Escámez’s studio reworks the classic Southern style with contemporary power and panache reflects Sessùn’s commitment to investigating and reinventing our own roots.

The key to the project is using the space as an artist’s studio and branching out from there, into an endlessly versatile creative space.

Drawing on both brutalism and cubism (and throwing in the African-inspired and vintage furniture), a wealth of influences are woven together to form a warm, welcoming and authentic creative centre. 

The main counter is made of blocks of stone that could have been quarried yesterday, complementing hand-crafted marble pieces to evoke the timeless quality of one of the Mediterranean’s archaeological treasures. Variations of white dominate, enhanced by ochre and mustard for a distinctly Mediterranean feel, and are disrupted by bursts of dark wood and canework doors.

The space is very much an homage to artisans and their craft: local craftsmen and women collaborated to design our furniture, and the large exhibition spaces are hung with textile collections.

Indeed, this space is an immersion in thought and matter. Dive deep into the sunshine and liberation at the heart of Sessùn, and experience our love for the communities around us.

Crédit photos : Pablo Zamora

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