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At Sessùn, we sow our seeds in ways that align with our commitments and desire to work daily towards better production methods with respect for and awareness of our responsibility.

We have developed a series of icons to make it easier to identify key information about each of our products. These icons appear as a label showing their four main characteristics (there may be others too). Find more information in the “Item Advantages” section.

These are the different icons.

Natural Material

natural material

Over 95% of this garment’s composition is (a) natural material(s). These come from plants or animals and do not promote harmful petrochemical activity.

Sustainable Management

sustainable management

The material used to make this garment is a good alternative to traditional textiles. Whether recycled, organic or obtained using a process that limits its environmental impact, this material will help safeguard resources and more mindful production methods.

Recycled Material

recycled material

The material used to make this garment is recycled. By recycling waste or co-products, fewer resources are used and there is significantly less environmental impact.

vegetable tanning

vegetable tanning

The leather used to make this item has been produced using a vegetable tanning process. This means the tannins are entirely natural, whether they are extracted from bark or plants. No heavy metals are used, making the treatment water easier to treat. This limits soil pollution and environmental risk.



Making this garment requires a specific technique and great expertise.This may refer to the material, printing techniques or style.

Certified Material

certified material

The material used to make this product is certified by an independent body, meaning it complies with a set of strict specifications aiming to minimise its environmental impact and guarantee its production conditions.

Certified Product

certified product

This product is certified by an independent body, meaning it complies with a set of strict specifications. This may be OEKO-TEX®’s Standard 100, which guarantees items are chemical- and residue-free and checks this through rigorous testing, or a label like Origine France Garantie.

Certified Factory

certified factory

The company that makes this product has been audited against the strict ICS criteria. This means it respects fundamental rights, it meets the required standards for safety and working conditions, and its infrastructure and practices are checked regularly.

Made in Europe

made in Europe

This product has been made entirely in Europe. We use short supply chains wherever possible and European Union regulations guarantee good working conditions and an increased focus on environmental standards.

Long-Standing Partner

long-standing partner

This is a partner we have worked with for many years because they have special expertise and we work well together. Our growth and development happen within the framework of a trusting, respectful relationship, meaning we can go further together.

Animal Welfare

animal welfare

The materials used to make this product come from animals. Wool and leather alike will have been obtained following strict criteria that ensure the animals’ welfare. This is guaranteed by labels or increased traceability.