our ethic

our ethic

do it our way

To ask questions, to challenge ourselves...to be fully involved in the movements that are shaking up our world and to take our responsibilities in it. To be aware, with eyes wide open, of the role we can play in it. To welcome it as an evidence, an opportunity even, to be fully involved and to plunge into it with a heart full of respect, an open mind, a soul always vibrating with a will to do the best we can.

The challenges are numerous, the means sometimes complex, the road winding and sometimes steep, but our unshakeable and serene will to give ourselves the means to achieve it every day. The subject is too important to set unrealistic goals or promise you anything that we can't achieve. What is crucial is to never stop asking ourselves how we can do better. And to do it in our own way, by continuing to follow our own path.

That of a living company, turned towards the human being, thoughtful in its choices, even the most difficult ones.

That of an active partner, a link in a network of connections where every element has its place, where every player counts, where every decision has consequences.

That of a sensitive brand, for which each fabric chosen, each garment created, each commitment made, is beyond convenience and trends, but in respect, humility and enthousiasme, to do it for you and to thank you at every moment for the trust you place in us. This is our most precious achievement and the one that gives meaning to all the others. 

This path that we are drawing over time is the path to a more sustainable creation, built on four axes of equal values and importance.

women and men

women and men

our fabrics

our fabrics

know how


our vision

our vision

They are our roadmap for the times to come. An unusual path, yes, but one that we embrace because it is the one that makes sense to us.

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