An infusion of colors, a play on varying hues, an inspired palette that runs from blues to yellows, through lilacs, mauves and orchid violets.
Let the light guide you, overlay faded and old hand-dyed canvases, collate painted totems scored by time.

In this sensory sanctuary, invent a new palette of colors, to imbue the entire season. Natural tones, unique, with a subtly washed-out feel, infused with fresh and vibrant hues...

Mingle wide denim pieces with gradient knits, shirts inspired by painters blouses, quilted jackets, printed skirts and dresses to create silhouettes that are both simple and creative, using contrasting volumes and textures.
Delicacy, poetry and color infusions make up this sun-kissed wardrobe, telling a myriad of new inspiring stories.

Maja Zimnoch photographed by Valentin Hennequin