Fall Winter 2019 Edito

L’échappée sauvage

Leaving, somewhere, far away, every time like on the other side of the world....

Decide to take a train, wait in an isolated country station, with walls covered by hollyhocks. Shiver in his nightie only covered by the jacket stolen from the one you just left.

In a woven suitcase, hold everything you care about, what you need for this trip without pendulum. A big sweater to curl up on moonless nights, our prettiest dress, a lumberjack's shirt, a man's velvet pants, a few books... Chatwin, Michaux, David Neel, some of those who took the road before us.

Lily Jean Harvey photographed by David Luraschi, under the artistic direction of Lolita Jacobs and Jean-Baptiste Talbourdet Napoleone. Videos by Simon Cahn.

Follow the railway line that meanders along the mountains. Guess the river below, the one of the hope-seekers, the one of a free life.

            Climb the mountain and see the world beneath our feet, swear that we will leave only the smallest footprint, that we will know how to preserve its purity.

            In a poetic and carefree spirit, get back on the road in the back of a pickup truck with a Canadian jacket on the shoulders.

              Then escape again, walk the paths filled with wild flowers and in a hint of lace belong to ourselves again, fully and unfettered.

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