Vickie Chérie (The Pirouettes)

Friday 20 July

For the release of their new album, Vickie Chérie from the band The Pirouettes gave us the pleasure to offer us her ideal playlist. She also agreed to answer a few questions and tell us more about herself and her link with Sessùn.

Photo by Fiona Torre

Pauline de Pi Ja Ma
Who are you?
Hello! I'm Vickie aka Victoria; I'm the singer in the band the Pirouettes and I also make videos.
Tell us about how you got to where you are now?
I started the band The Pirouettes when I met Leo in our last year of high school. We both moved to Paris after graduating. We continued making music together and have made two albums since then. As well as designing the records sleeves and directing some of the videos for our band, I also direct videos and create visuals for other musicians.
What are The Pirouettes up to at the moment?
We’ve got a great second album called Monopolis coming out on September 28th! And a tour in the autumn, which will include a concert at the Olympia on 29th November.
The first thing you do when you wake up?
I have a cup of tea and take a shower.
The last thing you do at night?
I put lavender on my pillow, it helps me get to sleep.
Your most amazing trip - where, when and why?
It was to Greece last spring. We went to Athens and then on to the island of Amorgos, where we shot the video for Stolen Kisses. It was beautiful, there was almost no one else on the island. We rode a scooter, went swimming, and ate delicious food.
The person, famous or not, you would most like to have dinner with?
Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, at their wedding.
A superpower you would like to have?
I’d like to be able to fly:)
How did you come across Sessùn?
I first came across Sessùn through my friend Sophie, who was working in the Sessùn shop in Paris.
A word to describe Sessùn?
I’d say "natural".
Your favourite piece of clothing or accessory from the current collection?
I love the blue velvet outfit: the Wilton jacket & Barwell trousers and also the Bricklane coat.
Your favourite track to dance to?
Tinashe - Throw A Fit
Your favourite track to chill out to?
Belle and Sebastian - I want the world to stop
Your own funny little habit?
Walking in the sunshine, while the weather is still good.
Thank you Vickie !
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