Beautiful People


Tuesday 23 July

Jeanne Boulart and Camille Vallebelle, respectively director and head of the festival's partnerships, are part of the Moi Moi collective that created the Baleapop.

For 10 years, this festival off the beaten track has made us vibrate between musical treasures and contemporary art, with only one mantra: conviviality. Sessùn, partner since the first edition, wanted to give it a last tribute with this interview just before this last edition.

How was the Baleapop festival born?
(Camille) Baleapop was born from a well-drank evening with friends, following our annual festival tour all over Europe. We thought it was a real shame to go so far to live the "festival experience" as we loved it and we wondered if it wouldn't be nice to imagine one where we could all meet for a week.
How did it manage to make its way into the numerous French festivals?
(Jeanne) When we started, the offer was not as saturated as it is today and making a small DIY festival, family oriented, sharp but accessible, with a touch of sustainable development, seemed super innovative and therefore, stood out from the crowd.
The setting also plays a lot... Can you describe it for us?
We are fortunate to be in a region like the Basque Country that lends itself to this, and a municipality like Saint-Jean-de-Luz that supports us on a daily basis and allows us to invest in new sites every year. We evolve between the park of our college years, the beaches of our childhood and our beloved downtown.
Why have you decided to stop?
(Jeanne) We had set ourselves the objective of reaching the 10th edition. A bet taken! And very happy to have succeeded. Now we look forward to working on new projects! (Camille) Because all beautiful/good things have an end... 10 years is not bad enough! We're getting old and it's time for the young and us to enjoy...
Your best memory?
(Jeanne) There's so many of them! Now, I'm thinking, for example, of the after-party after Baleapop 3 with the Connan Mockassins at Camille's, who had a house in the woods. It was so nice to have finished all this and to be able to enjoy some more of the magic of the festival. (Camille) Ow! There are several of them, but if I really have to choose one, Rone at Cenitz Beach where we met with the whole team and saw how many people were raging with us... it was magical.
The worst?
(Camille) The edition in the rain... but we still managed to have a great time between boots and waxes... (Jeanne) One year, the scenographers had imagined for the park a set based on giant balloons (5m in diameter) inflated with helium. We were in the middle of launching the festival that was taking place in Les Halles, when the director called me to tell me that there was a storm coming and that the balloons were flying away!
Your favourites of the 2019 edition?
(Jeanne) Not easy, because the whole programmation is made up of our favorites from the last 10 years! But I am so looking forward to Wednesday's evening, which will be composed of all the artists of our collective: Lumi, Panda Valium, Odei, Radiator, MoMo, Benjamin Artola... And of course, Manon Boulart, my little sister who will exhibit a new piece. (Camille) The Connan moccasins, Petit fantôme and our darlings Odei!!!!
How was your meeting with Sessùn?
(Camille) Being a commercial agent in ready-to-wear (my real job before Baleapop), I dreamed of working with Sessùn. Unfortunately, my sector was already represented by our dear Laurent Belhache. One thing leading to another, during our salons and crazy Parisian nights, I met Emma and all her staff: Julie, Élodie, Ronan, Audrey. I had time to expose the festival to her and Emma immediately hung up on it!
How would you describe your collaboration?
Camille : Faithful, really faithful ! This is one of the first brands that has supported us and evolved with us.
How are the worlds of Sessùn and Baleapop linked?
Their community: a curious, open, tolerant youth and living by the sea!
A Sessùn garment / accessory that is dear to you?
Camille: If it's a garment I have to choose, it would be my Sessùn shirts, always perfect.
If you had to describe Sessùn in 3 words?
Camille : Flower - Stripes - Jeans : the essentials of our wardrobe!
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