Recollection is a line designed around revaluation, solidarity and expertise. Through it, we wish to explore the multiple ways of creating from textiles that seem to have no more use and participate in the reduction of waste and the preservation of resources while supporting beautiful human, environmental and social initiatives.

This winter, we launched a big campaign to collect denim pieces in our stores and give them a second life. Thanks to your donations and the upcycling of our seconds, we have recovered over 500 kg of jeans!

We entrusted all the pieces in shades of blue to a dressmaking workshop and social enterprise in Marseille, which skilfully reworked them to create four pieces in patchwork assembled by hand, making each one totally unique.

Today, we are happy to share with you the result of this amazing human, circular and stylistic experience, the profits from which will be donated to the Maison des Femmes in Marseille!

patchwork collection
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  • Bobby west
  • Bobby west
65 €
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  • Baggy patch
  • Baggy patch
85 €
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  • Yoga patchy
  • Yoga patchy
125 €
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