#4 Foster a more responsible fashion

We have our own convictions and commitments in terms of materials, craftwork and textile-based skills, but we also have to contribute to improving the social and environmental manufacturing conditions in the fashion industry.  

Since the beginning, we have categorically refused to have production carried out in countries identified as being at risk or not respecting the basic conditions of human or animal decency. And we will maintain this position forever.

We have always chosen to develop long-term relationships with our suppliers. We know them and visit them frequently. In order to reassure ourselves in terms of their working conditions, we have decided that from 2019 onwards an independent organisation should carry out several supplier audit per year, which will be entirely dedicated to the social and environmental aspects of their work.

Over time, these audits will give us a comprehensive overview of our suppliers’ practices and encourage them to stand alongside us in committing to even more responsible fashion. 

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