Beautiful People

Nina Koltchitskaia

Saturday 15 June

Nina Kolchitskaia lives according to her inspirations and desires...she transcribes the world in her own poetic and delicate way.
Meeting with a multi-faceted artist....

Photographs : Nastassia Brückin

Nina Koltchitskaia pour Sessùn
Who are you?
My name is Nina Koltchitskaia, and I’m a photographer, painter and illustrator.
 I was born in Moscow, Russia, where I lived until I was 10. After that I started travelling with my parents and spent a few years in Vientiane, Laos, then in Milan, Italy. Now, my home and my family are in Paris, France.
Can you take us through your creative journey?
My grandfather was a great traveller, and he would take his camera on all his adventures. It was a reflex Nikkormat (today, I take most of my photos with this same camera).
 As a child, I found this fascinating. To me that was the embodiment of the greatest, highest form of freedom. Besides, my parents always encouraged me to draw, write and listen to my imagination. They showed me to what extent it was important to dream, to try out different things, and to do what I love. This path came to me naturally, as a continuum throughout time and in the global creative process of my life :-)
 Creating, trying to turn my feelings into drawings, words and images has always been a part of me. It is something that has developed, grown, together with me, through the years.
 I’ve been drawing and taking pictures for as long as I can remember. After studying philosophy and photography, I decided to focus completely on my passions.
 When I take photographs, I’m in full control: I choose the lighting, the exact moment of shooting, I choose to stop time and turn my subjects’ expressions, the small fragments of the souls I capture, into something eternal. On the other hand, in my drawings I try to capture fragility, an even deeper intimacy, the occurrence and the magic of emotions - my drawings take me elsewhere, like visual poems that flow through my soul and guide my pencil on the paper.
Tell us about your creations and your work.
I draw emotions, kisses and flowers.
 I take photos of smiles, embraces and colours!
Describe your typical day (What’s the first thing you do in the morning, and the last one before you go to sleep?)
The first thing I do when I wake up is smile! It’s an essential rule to make sure I have a nice day. Then, I kiss my lover, cuddle my son, and have a cup of coffee on the balcony. Music, drawings and flowers fill the rest of my day. The last thing I do in the evening is drink a cup of warm lemon juice with honey while reading a book.
What are your sources of inspiration?
Love and poetry.
 The wind, flowers, the songs of nature. The colours I see, the sounds I hear.
 Smiling eyes, and sometimes eyes full of tears too.
 And silence. Everything, actually, is a source of inspiration to me.
 What matters is the way we choose to look at things. It may sound too simple, and that’s because it is — for me, beauty is everywhere, and so are love and dreams. Love is one of the fundamental traits of poetry. And that’s where I draw from to develop my creativity.
 I take inspiration from my encounters, the intimacy I create and share with the people who are close to me and my loved ones, my friends, my son, my husband.
Nina Koltchitskaia pour Sessùn
Nina Koltchitskaia pour Sessùn
Nina Koltchitskaia pour Sessùn
Nina Koltchitskaia pour Sessùn
What’s the garment that suits you best?
A flower-print dress, a vintage white lace blouse or a pair of men's suit trousers, high-waisted, paired with one of my partner’s old white t-shirts.
What’s the flavour or scent that evokes the fondest memories for you (your own Proustian madeleine)?
My mother’s perfume, so sunny and sweet.
3 things you always have in your handbag?
A poetry collection.
 A sketchbook and pencils.
 My camera.
If I say “Sessùn”, what do you think?
Freedom, the sun, travelling, natural elegance and happiness!
- What’s your favourite piece from the Summer 19 collection?
That’s such a tough choice! I love the “Antigua body” for its delicately knitted fabric, and I’ve been wearing my Salvador suit all the time!
Can you tell us a little quirk, a habit of yours?
I love dancing, all the time, everywhere, whenever possible :-)
Thank you Nina !
Nina Koltchitskaia pour Sessùn

To discover Nina's work, it's here !

And for her instagram, it's over there !

Nina is wearing the striped suit with the Santo Amaro jacket and the Salvador pants; as well as the pyjama set with the Morning Glory shirt and the Luz do Sol pants.

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