Beautiful People

Margaux Avril

Saturday 17 February

Last month we met Margaux Avril, a multi-talented artist (singer, author, composer, photographer, influencer ...). She kindly agreed to answer a few questions and tell us more about herself and her link with Sessùn.

Photography : Clément Jolin

Margaux Avril dans une librairie porte la combinaison Setagaya de Sessùn
Who are you ? What are you up to at the moment ?
Hello ! My name is Margaux, I’m half French, half American. I’ve lived in Paris forever ! I’m a singer and a photographer and have just released a new track which is called 'Drifting'.
Tell us about how you got to where you are now ?
I signed to Universal for my first album when I was at college studying photography. I was promoting this album while I was still finishing my studies and since then I've have been involved in all sorts of different projects! Right now, I’m also working as the digital communication manager for Vestiaire Collective. I like to say that I have several different strings to my bow, and that they all complement each other.
What’s the first thing you do when you wake up ?
First I stretch, then from my bed I check what the weather is looking like (I live on the 6th floor and I don't have curtains). Then I switch off "plane mode" on my phone to check my e-mails. I lounge about for a bit before turning on the radio and jumping in the shower !
And the last you do before bed ?
I have a simple cleansing routine a bit like a little cat... I watch an episode or read a chapter depending on my mood, and sometimes I write. Or I have a quick chat on the phone to one of my sisters if it’s been a tough day.
Margaux Avril porte la combinaison Setagaya de Sessùn
What ‘s the thing you are most proud of ?
I'm proud of myself. Let me explain... I've had a particularly difficult year, and I'm proud to have held it all together, not to have given up, to have continued to work hard, to create, and to have continued to laugh and dance. And right now, I'm proud to release a new song that I produced myself with a great team around me.
The clothes that suit you best ?
High-waisted trousers.
Three things you always carry in your bag ?
My phone with my headphones, a moisturizing balm and a book.
A superpower you would like to have ?
The gift of ubiquity !
Margaux Avril sous des arches porte la combinaison Setagaya et le sac Lester de Sessùn
Your most amazing trip ?
I recently had the opportunity to go to Brazil for a music documentary that was being made out there. There, I was taken to the Lencois Maranheses national park, an area of white sand dunes and turquoise rainwater lagoons. As I stood alone in the middle of one of the sand dunes, surrounded by white sand as far as the eye could see, I experienced a silence that I had never experienced before. It was a profoundly spiritual moment, absolutely amazing.
Your favourite restaurant in the world ?
As for my favourite restaurant, I would say all the restaurants I have eaten at where beautiful memories have been created. Cafe Max, which was one of my father's favourites and he always took us there as a family, and Chez Vivant for the good times I’ve spent there with my friends.
What does Sessùn inspire you or how would you describe Sessùn in three words ?
Feminine, sunny and soft. For me, Sessùn is synonymous with simple elegance and beautiful soft fabrics.
Your favourite piece of clothing or accessory from the current collection ?
I love my tote bag, it’s very practical as well as being modern and timeless. And my velvet jumpsuit. I love the colour. Not only is it very comfortable, but it can be easily worn with a pair of trainers in the day, or a pair of espadrilles and some jewellery in the evening.
Margaux Avril dans un café porte le top Kimitomo et le pantalon Cima Road de Sessùn
Your favourite track to dance to ?
Windmills of Your Mind remixed by Polo & Pan. Or "I'll Go Where you Go" by Celine Dion. Or Elton John, or Beyonce, or Arcade Fire... Or Stephan Bodzin. As you can see, my taste is very eclectic !
Your favourite track to chill out to ?
« Drifting » of course ! ;)
Your quirky habit?
I tie up and untie my hair all the time. And I bite my lip.
Thank you Margaux !

Le single « Drifting » de Margaux Avril is available here :

Margaux Avril assise devant une vitrine porte la combinaison Setagaya de Sessùn
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