Beautiful People


Saturday 20 January

Let's meet with Koralie, the artist who collaborates with us for the Sessùn x Koralie collection.

Part one : Time to find out a bit more about you
Can you describe your typical day ?
I wake up at 7:30 a.m. and start thinking about work and what needs to be done. My eyes remain closed until 8:00. It may seem strange but a lot of new creative ideas pop into my head when I’m lying in bed first thing in the morning. I get to my studio at 9am and go home at 7pm. I usually use the morning to answer emails, sort out admin stuff, reply to journalists’ interview questions etc... and then I dedicate the afternoons to working on my creations whether they be paintings, illustrations or collaborations with other people. But of course my routine changes if I’m working away from my studio and am based somewhere else in France, or overseas for meetings, or perhaps working on a wall painting with SupaKitch. I work a lot and I love it, but evenings and weekends are spent with the children and our friends going for walks. At night, when everyone is in bed, I often do a bit more work, on the sofa in my pyjamas in front of the TV. I go to bed quite late, but I like to read and think about future projects before going to sleep.
What’s your favourite time of day ?
I love that time in the early morning when I set off for my studio. I walk out across my fresh, sweet smelling garden, get into the car and glance across at the Pyrenees in the morning mist. I also like those evenings when we meet family and friends by the ocean for a drink to watch the sun go down. Those are the moments when I refuel my batteries.
What’s the first thing you do when you wake up ?
I cuddle up in bed with my husband and my kids and drink a cup of coffee.
And the last thing you do before bed ?
The item of clothing that best represents you ?
A jumpsuit.
The scent or smell that always brings back memories ?
My mum's perfume.
Three things you always carry in your handbag ?
A pair of sunglasses, a couple of notebooks and my purse.
How would you describe your style ?
I like mixing the feminine with the masculine and I have my own way of putting clothes together. My style varies a lot according to my mood. I like to mix contrasting styles: bohemian-ethnic with rock-chick circa 1980's, for example a long flowery skirt with a leather jacket and a pair of Adidas Gazelles, or mix casual and elegant like a pair of jeans with a silk shirt.
Part Two : Let's work !
What’s your routine, obsession or habitual behaviour when you're working ?
I kick off my shoes and burn some Papier d’Armenie. I put on some music, I shout, I laugh, I dance, I drink coffee, I write lists, I spread my work out in front of me, often encroaching on the space of the other people I share the studio with. But I'm also very organized - I have to be as I’m quite scatty.
What do colours evoke when you draw ?
I have periods of working with different colour combinations, sometimes I use natural colour combinations, other times they are more acidic, or dark, or even monochrome. It depends on my inspiration. I’ll then work with that colour palette until I get tired of it and then switch to something else.
Where do you get your inspiration from ?
Mainly from travelling.
What has been you most important encounter in your professional life ?
The same person as in my private life : SupaKitch, my husband.
Part Three : Sessùn & you
How did your collaboration with Sessùn come about ? Tell us about when your first met Emma.
Emma contacted me about 18 months ago to ask me if I would like to collaborate on some pieces she was producing to coincide with Sessùn's 20th anniversary. Since the very beginning, we have both followed each other's work. We’ve met several times over the years and have friends in common. I really admire Emma's career and how she’s developed her brand while remaining authentic and faithful to her own taste, her own values and to the people around her. Sessùn has grown up alongside us, with us, with our needs and our style. When we started talking about this collaboration and discussing our ideas, Emma decided that it would be more meaningful to turn this collaboration into a proper capsule collection, instead of just a few one-off pieces. She wanted to the "Sessùn x Koralie" collection to exist beyond the 20th anniversary of the brand. This is a first for Sessùn: they’ve never collaborated with an artist on an entire collection before, so I’m very honoured.
How would you describe your collaboration? In practical terms, how did you create this four-handed collection ?
The aim of this collection was to mix our two creative worlds. We have shared inspirations and influences, our cultural roots are the same, we were both born and grew up in the Camargue, we both come from an urban culture (skate, graffiti...), we’re the same generation, we have a great passion for ethnicity and folklore whether it be Japan or South America. We both love natural dyed colours and one of our favourites is indigo, we love craftsmanship in general and especially weaving. We both love hunting for treasures of the past... Basically, we have lots in common. We knew that it wasn't going to be difficult to agree on how we wanted this collection to look. I came up with a lot of ideas at first, which were a bit all over the place. I did a lot of drawing and research, and then Emma when through it all. She has a good eye and knows what will work once you transfer what’s on paper to fabric. She knows what will go with what. In turn, Emma put forward a lot of visual ideas that related to the direction we had decided to take. She showed me samples, fabrics, accessories and finishes... We chose the ideas that best represented us both and that worked best together. We kept the elements where Sessùn and my work met, the objective being to create an elegant and successful mix of our different artistic styles. It happened quite naturally that we both chose indigo to be the main colour theme: it’s the colour of French Bleu de Travail worker’s jackets, the sea, and Japanese paintings and therefore evokes our shared passion for travel and discovery. I worked on a few art deco type illustrations inspired by nature, which we translated into motifs and embroidery. We have created a collection of 25 pieces: some of them are strongly influenced by the workshop wardrobe: wide trousers with braces, apron skirts, worker jackets, brush cases... as well as other more ethnic pieces: jumpers with pompons, loose silk shirts, obi belts, wooden talismans, jacquard sweatshirts with woven fabric, embroidered leather bags...
What do you like most about Sessùn ?
Sessùn knows how to tell stories and this draws us into Emma’s creative world and makes us want to wear Sessùn from one collection to the next. Sessùn knows how to reinvent itself and at the same time keep its soul. These are all values that are important to me.
How would you describe Sessùn in one word ?
Thank you Koralie !
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