Saturday 13 January 2018

The duet Indiscipline, Alcaline Jukeboxbabe & Florence Canadas, gave us the pleasure to offer us their ideal playlist. For Sessùn, they have concocted not one but two musical selections, and have also agreed to answer a few questions.

Whatever direction one of Indiscipline’s DJ sets takes, one thing that never lacks is coherence, for anyone who let themselves be driven by these two carefree yet demanding young women. Two co-pilots, Alcaline Jukeboxbabe & Florence Canadas navigate through unchartered terrotory in the field of DJ-ing. Fuelled by instinct and experience, the pair negotiate the tight bends between different musical era, genres and sounds.

Photo : Florian Seyve

Tell us about you
We’re Florence & Alcaline. We’re more selectors than actual DJ’s. We often insist on the selector aspect so that there isn’t any misunderstanding. We don't actually mix, neither do we only play dance music, even though we’re perfectly capable of « working » a dancefloor. We’re basically two music lovers with very inquisitive natures. We’re also very picky about the music we play but we’re also generous in spirit. We're both women, but that's not what we want to put forward when we’re promoting Indiscipline, even though we're proud to contribute to further gender equality among the DJ community. Nothing is more irritating than being booked because "girls behind the decks looks pretty" (and yes, we have heard that before!)
When and how did you meet?
Alcaline: We started running into each other about ten years ago in the clubs in Marseilles which promoted the music we liked. We would often go and listen to one another play when either of us had DJ gigs. We soon discovered that we had similar tastes in music, and gradually developed a form of mutual respect. But there was one particular time I remember very well, towards the end of 2013, which resulted in Indiscipline. I was playing a set and was really bored (everyone was out on the terrace, and I was inside). Flo was the only person to keep me company and really listen to the music. And since I've always preferred playing records with other people, I asked her outright if she wanted to team up with me. And that was that: we played our first gig together in January 2014. Florence: Yes, our paths crossed many times out at clubs, as we both share an unconditional love for music. We also like the same strange music and sharing that interest became an obvious choice. It was at a time when we were both beginning to get bored of being alone behind the decks and having to deal with certain programmer’s narrow-minded attitudes. Being two of us makes us stronger;)
Tell us how you work together?
Alcaline: The way we work is very spontaneous and no set is ever the same! Depending on where we’ll be playing (venue, the time of night and audience profile) we discuss our set beforehand and play each other different tracks in order to prepare. We tend to agree quite quickly on the feel and style of the night in order to help guide our choice of tracks. Florence: Definitely! Sharing music and listening to each other, that's the most important part. Even if we don’t have a date planned in the immediate future, we always play each other new tracks that either one of us finds. Alcaline: Yeah ! Then on the day of the gig, we often play back to back, bouncing off each other’s choice of track. So even if there’s a change of rhythm, or a change of style, it’s always feels smooth. Maybe it’s this natural intuition that’s what makes Indiscipline feminine.
What are your musical influences?
Florence: Almost everything! From hip hop to post punk, disco, soul, rock and more. We’re not opposed to any particular musical genres or eras, instead we tend to opt for the amplitude and originality of a track instead. In that sense, I think we're actually quite 80’s! Alcaline: Actually, this excerpt from our biography sums up our musical universe quite well: "Muddy synth-pop, rock that doesn't roll straight, new wave in the margins, electrified electro, vibrant punk-funk, genuine hiphop, crazy disco...".
If you were an item of clothing..?
Florence: A jumpsuit Alcaline: A dress
Three things you always carry in your bag?
Florence: A diary, a pen and lip balm Alcaline: A small notebook, a pen, and lipstick
How did you first come across Sessùn?
Florence: Back when Sessùn started, twenty years ago. I’m from Marseilles and have always been a very good customer of Sessùn’s, which has grown and evolved in tandem with me! Alcaline: Same for me in terms of the number of years! But as I’m from Toulon, I first came across Sessùn at a shop called People’s Rag which I think was the first shop to ever sell Sessùn clothes. My first purchase, back in'97 or maybe '98, was a dress. It was red.
What does Sessùn inspire you?
Florence: A holiday in Provence in the sun. Alcaline: Modern femininity (with a hammock nearby)
Your favourite track to dance to?
Florence : " Chinese Rap " by Aural Exciters Alcaline: "Glad to know you" by Chaz Jankel
Your favourite track to chill out to?
Alcaline: "I Scare Myself" by Thomas Dolby, with the sound of cicadas at the beginning and at the end. Florence: " Joanna " by Once, on the excellent Sky Girl compilation by Sundae and Julien Dechery.
A song to cry to?
Alcaline: "September" or "Ghosts" by David Sylvian Florence: "Parce que" by Aznavour sung by Gainsbourg
Your quirky habit?
Alcaline: I have quite a few habits, which are more annoying than quirky. So, I’ll play my joker on this one and let Florence speak on my behalf. Florence: You’re always running your fingers through your hair! As for me, ever since I was a little girl, I've always rubbed my feet against the mattress to help me get to sleep.
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